With many years of combined industry experience, our staff provides consulting services for a wide range of non-profit development and affordable housing endeavors - from project initiation and predevelopment through project completion.

DGI exists to enhance and fortify the assets of low-income communities. We are dedicated to improving the lives of low-income families, seniors, and special needs clients through the development of decent, safe, affordable housing and other real estate.




DGI is extremely proficient in analyzing and advising in the structure of public and private debt and equity required for project development. Virtually all projects on which DGI works have some form of regulatory agreement or deed restriction to ensure continuing affordability. Our consulting services can include securing predevelopment funds, arranging interim and permanent financing using taxable and tax-exempt housing revenue bonds, and raising equity capital through the sale of low-income housing or new markets tax credits.




Our vast knowledge and flexibility enables us to work with a range of clients, including non-profit housing developers, non-profit agencies without housing experience, public housing authorities, local governments, churches, and private developers.

We work with clients on either a project-by-project basis or under a multi-year contract. We have long-term relationships with numerous non-profit housing development corporations through the country and also with private developers that are active participants in affordable housing.


Located in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, Hunters View is a 20 acre 267-unit public housing project that will be demolished and replaced with up to 800 units of mixed-income housing. 


Acquisition and rehabilitation of a former HUD 221d3 389-unit project located in Honolulu, HI, serving mainly low-income seniors. This project was funded with bonds and tax credits and is notable for its broad based support from the current occupants and the local community. 


Renovation of public housing in San Francisco, CA, reserved for low-income seniors and their families. DGI is securing financing, soliciting investors and providing general advisory on the 245 unit project, owned by JARF Housing, Inc.